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wearing stellar

Life Drawing!  The one without a weapon is from a previous week (the others from that set weren’t very good)

Duration of poses is scribbled next to it.  I enjoyed the last 2 minute sketches where I really tried to think quickly and think about the force/movement.  It was fun!

I just got back from a short city break in Iceland, where I had an AMAZING time- and I can not wait to go back! 
As you can see, it was pretty grey and wet, but that doesn’t stop it from being a beautiful and exciting place.  You can see how the trolls and fairies came to be when you admire the landscape.  Outdoor swimming, pony trekking and failed attempt at seeing the Northern Lights were all included.  It was a shame we couldn’t see the lights, but it’s just a great excuse to go back as soon as I can!

*Photos are of a Minke whale and Dolphins… They were sneaky. 

Takk Iceland!